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About Us

Facets of Fortune Game


One summer, a few years back, a Dad and his two sons were cleaning the garage. While lethargically moving a box of old papers, one of the sons noticed strange drawings and symbols on a crumpled sheet of paper. Turned out, the son had stumbled upon a board game that his Dad had started working on over twenty years earlier. The two kids took an immediate interest, and the garage cleaning was never finished. During the course of that summer, the Dad, Lowell Press, and his two sons worked on the game every day until it became something they absolutely loved playing. They began testing it on friends, and then on friends of friends. Their summer project seemed to be a hit. Bolstered by the enthusiasm, Lowell decided to publish it.

The result is Facets of Fortune®, a fast-paced, strategic gem game that requires equal measures of cleverness and luck to win.



c/o Millbrook Games

Dewey Beach Productions, LLC

P.O. Box 50648

Bellevue, WA 98015

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